About Us

Aqua Doctor LLC is committed to helping families improve the water in their homes through the science of water filtration. Our commitment to education and the science is with every employee, with certification and continuing education every year. We are growing throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas. We offer free water analysis and consultation for those wanting better for their families than what is provided by the municipality now. Customer service is our focus taking care of everyone who becomes part of our family.

“… Nate took the time with us to educate and show us the differences. So far so good! He will be doing periodic system checks and has been very patient with me and my million questions!”

Brett R.

“I had an amazing experience with Aqua Doctor. Scott is very knowledgeable and wasn’t a pushy salesman. He educated me and tested my water free of charge…”

Cari M.

“… We love our water now and Nate has been there every step of the way to make sure we were completely satisfied. Great product and superb service! “

Erin H.